What is Double Weightedness?

If you're serious about t'ai chi, this'll be of great interest to you.

The t'ai chi classics are a bunch of texts written by some of the older masters (including the legendary founder, Chang San-Feng) which are used as a guide to study the martial art of t'ai chi.

One of the lines goes something like this:

"The reason why a person can still be subdued, even after years of practice, is because he has not been made to realize the fault of "double-weightedness"

"Double-weightedness" is often taken to mean having the body's weight distributed equally on both legs i.e. 50-50.

However, as logical as that translation appears, is it really what the original author meant?

Peter Ralston has written an article about this very point and has some new suggestions that I think will stimulate your mind and open up new possibilities in your training.

The article was published in T'ai Chi magazine in the United States and you can read it here

It's a little long but the content is fascinating...

Enjoy reading


PS Only a couple of places left at the Cheng Hsin class.

It's not about self defence, it's about skill and consciousness.

Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou is ontology (the study of being) in physical form. Best of all, it's fun to learn and do. We'll have a very productive and informative session next Saturday and I'm pretty sure that the time will fly by.