A list of the most Frequently Asked Questions follows...

What do I Wear?

Any clothing that's loose and comfortable is fine, as long as you can move around without restriction. We train on mats, so no outdoor shoes are allowed. You can train in barefoot or socks if you like but our preferred footwear are the kung fu slippers with the white cotton sole. They don't tear or mark the mats and provide some support for your feet.

We do have a uniform but it's not necessary to get one to train with us. The main thing is that you come along and practice.

Do I Have To Be Fit?

You don't need to be fit but ideally you'll be able to get down on the floor and back up again. You'll spend some time learning how to fall correctly and safely on the mats, and you need to be able to lift your own bodyweight on your legs. Even if you can't do this well, it'll improve as you practice more.

How Much Are The Classes?

The classes cost £28 per month paid via Standing Order or Direct Debit through your bank. I have Standing Order forms that I can email or give you at the class.

You can also pay per class at a cost of £9 per session.

Have I Missed Anything?

If I've missed anything that you'd like to know please email me and ask, I'm only too pleased to help if I can

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