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I've always loved martial arts, ever since I watched David Carradine in the TV series "Kung Fu" as a kid. Remember that?

As I made my way on my journey through martial arts, my purpose for studying them changed.

Initially, I wanted to be able to defend myself and I discovered many ways of destroying the human body and by many means. But that's all changed now.

These days, I like to study martial arts purely for skill and consciousness work. And the martial arts are a very effective training ground for this.

Cheng Hsin T'ui Shou (The Art of Effortless Power) is the best and safest means of pursuing these goals.

Developed by World Class martial artist, Peter Ralston, Cheng Hsin allows you to develop skill and awareness in a structured and safe environment.

Many martial arts have become a set of mindlessly repeated movements with no thought of how these would apply to a partner who's not compliant and won't just stand there and let you 'inflict' your technique on them.

That's why we have the Principles of Effective Interaction: Listening, Outreaching, Joining and Neutralising. Applying these principles allows us to respond appropriately to whatever's occurring in the moment.

We practice to be so in touch with what our partner's doing that they can't fool us. As soon as they change, we change with them. No playing catch up, we change as they change and we do what they do.

You'll learn techniques, but study the skills behind the techniques - what makes them, and you, effective. We play many interactive 'games' which are fun and at the same time keep you fit, powerful and agile. And all the while you're training skill and awareness.

You'll train perceptive skills, intrinsic strength, body-being (the art of being a body), and much more. All in a safe environment. It's safe because we initially omit the striking arts and use simple pushes and pulls to train techniques.

A push is a real force. You don't need to hold back or purposely miss for fear of hurting your partner. You just push, and, if they don't get out of the way, they get pushed - it's that easy.

If you've done some martial arts before you'll probably have come across people aiming punches and kicks off target for fear of hurting you (or you them) or pulling them so there's no real power there.

It's a beautiful art to study, graceful and fluid.

When Ralston won the World Tournament in 1978, even the other competitor's commented on the skill and grace with which he won his fights.

Anyone can study the Art of Effortless Power, but here at Cheng Hsin Swansea, we specialise in those over 35. Those who love martial arts, but don't want the heavy contact and fear of injury that comes with some arts.

And there's another thing I'll guarantee - there are no egos in Cheng Hsin. People who come along with something to prove don't last long. They can't be bothered to develop 'skill' and have no patience for being 'present'. So they either leave or they just don't come along in the first place.

Which suits us just fine. That leaves the people who are in the class friendly and willing to help each other out all the time. An ideal environment for learning you could say.

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Peter Ralston at Swansea University

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