You Do What You Say

At one of the first Cheng Hsin camps, Jef, one of the long term students had an unfortunate accident, he broke his leg.

That's the only serious injury in over 40 years in Cheng Hsin and as Peter said, "It was a fluke"

But rather than give up and go home, he stayed and watched every session for the rest of the camp.

At the end of one of these sessions, Jef seemed to have an insight that excited him.

He hobbled over to Peter and said "I've got it!"

Got what, Peter asked.

"I know why you're so good."

"And why's that?"

"Because you do what you say. You do exactly what you tell us to do, that's why you're so good."

I guess that while watching the practice sessions, Jef must have noticed that when Peter demonstrated the technique or skill and then asked people to go practice, there was a difference in the way they moved to the way he moved.

They didn't do what he said. They were trying, of course (probably very trying ;-)) but they hadn't yet changed the nervous system to get onboard with the body-being work, which would allow them to be effortlessly effective.

When you train, it's a great idea to get in touch with what your body's doing (feel your whole body) and become more perceptive to what's actually occurring. Then, if something's not quite matching up to the principles or structures you can begin to change it.

Try giving it a go at your next practice session, whether at home or in the class, and if you'd like to learn more, just sign up for the free emails below...

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