These are "Martial Arts for Peacetime"...

What does that mean? Read on and find out...

In these classes, you'll focus on being skilful in martial arts while staying relaxed under fire. Skills for living in the modern age.

Today's threats are more likely to come in the form of heart disease and other illnesses, so the focus is also being able to deal with life's stresses and strains (under fire!) through the relationship of your body, mind and energy.

Discover how they work together to make you stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Working solo and with partners you'll do stretching and loosening, alignments and good postural habits, breathing, and explore the martial side of t'ai chi through light boxing work and learning how to affect your partner's balance so they fall down (a throw) or are projected away.

The class is designed to be gentle, but you'll still work hard.

Designed to be safe, but you'll still learn to be effective.

How do you stay "Relaxed Under Fire". When the pressure is on, how do you react?

You'll discover how to respond appropriately and effectively in any situation in your life.

So while you'll become skilled in martial interaction, the emphasis is on health and well-being. Promoting flexibility, powerful and aligned movements, and becoming emotionally and mentally more stable.

Leading a balanced life.

Fancy giving it a shot?

Get in touch now and sign up for the beginners course starting in February 2018